Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amazing Paper Soldier Website

Last year I saw this awesome paper soldier website. What are paper soldiers? They are used for doing small replicas of real battles. The website has a variety of paper soldiers (people, tanks, etc), aircraft's, and ships in all the different times in history (Ancients, Renaissance, Medieval, 18th century, 19th century, early 20th century, Word War II, Cold War, Modern, and non-historical!) Here is a sample:

Click on image to see it larger:

Pretty neat huh? Here is the website for this awesome stuff!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Homemade Bow

About a couple weeks ago I made this really nice bow. Here is how I did it:
1. Well to make the bow you need a thin piece of wood (not too thin) that is springy. What I mean by that is that the the wood needs to bend and snap back when you release the bow string. I used Scottish Elm.

2. I cut the piece of wood I wanted down from the tree. Then with a saw, I sawed off all the small branches coming off the wood. I used the saw to make nice clean cuts.

3. I took most of the skin of the piece of wood off and I let it dry.

4. Now I need to make the notches. I did this again with a saw. I made sure that I didn't cut to far in so that when I pulled the string it would snap off.

5. Now all I did was tie a piece of string in the notches tightly so that the string is in its position.


Average Range: 48 feet
Longest Distance: 53 feet
Wood Type: Scottish Elm

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My RC Helicopter

About four weeks ago I got this pretty neat little RC (Remote Control) helicopter from Brookstone. If you are looking for a well built RC helicopter look no further! I have written up some pros and cons about it:

> Amazing maneuverability
> Don't worry to much about crashing
> a. Because you can buy a 1 year plan for about 3 or 4 dollars
> b. Because it is very well built
> Overall it looks pretty cool
> Can use it for at least 11 minutes unlike Air Hogs' helicopters
where you can only use it for about 6 minutes

> Charge time takes a little while (about 25 minutes on used batteries)
> You will have to trim it most of the time (there is a button that you have to hold to make it stop rotating in one direction)
> Only can be used indoors. Otherwise the sun will effect the signal and you will lose control.

My overall rating: 5/5 stars

That's about it. To me this is the best indoor helicopter ever invented. So my advice is that if you want a really well built and easy to control helicopter this is the one to get!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Collectable Lego Minifig Series!!

Today I got my Brick Master Magazine from Lego. While I was looking through it I saw an ad for a new Lego Minifig Series! It is said to come out during the month of June. There's a rumor that there is a random minifig in each box. There are 16 different types of minifigs and are said to be $2 each. Take a look at this image to see them all!

Comment back and say which is your favorite!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Match Rockets

The other day I was reading this book called Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction and I found this cool little rocket you could make.
It consisted of a match and some tin foil. You would heat the rocket up (not burn it) and it would light and fly away. Here is how to make one: